Kanape modularity

One sofa - a variety of assembly scenarios.
Large sleeping area
You can assemble a complete bed with the dimensions of 150*220 cm with Kanape 6. Thanks to the quality filling made of highly elastic polyurethane foam and reliable metal fasteners (which prevent the elements from moving apart while you sleep). Get smooth and comfortable sleeping space.
A roomy sofa for welcoming guests
Kanape 6 can be assembled as a large sofa for welcoming guests or watching TV by simply arranging the elements in a single row and securing them with metal fasteners. This simple and convenient mechanism makes it possible to assemble the sofa to suit any sophisticated interior design.
Options for use
Kanape 6 elements can be used individually as a free-standing ottoman, banquette or coffee table. The sofa elements act as full-fledged armchairs in the home lounge area by the panoramic window or as a retreat in the study. Thanks to its low weight and collapsible construction, our sofa fits through any doorway or elevator and can be quickly transported by car.